Our Expertise


Expanding from the field of electrical contracting, Lighton Industries Inc. has grown at an impressive rate over the past decade into general contracting. Lighton Industries Inc. has the combined supervisory experience to subcontract additional needs to only the best and most reliable construction artisans. Their project managers have had over twenty years experience in the construction industry. This experience is brought into play in every facet of every construction job.

Founded as an electrical contractor, Lighton Industries Inc. especially prides itself on the excellence of the aspect of their work. Lighton Industries (a union shop) maintains a highly proficient and skilled electrical staff of Foremen and Electricians qualified and skilled even for high voltage and line work. They are totally involved in every way with whatever the electrical needs are for any and all projects, including photo voltaic solar powered systems.

Building on the experience from apartments, office and industrial buildings heating and cooling needs, Lighton Industries Inc. has established a reputation for excellence in this area of construction demands as well. Examples of this expertise is demonstrated in the extensive HVAC work performed in various Federal prisons as well as school projects for the NJ Schools Construction Corp., a multiple occupant government complex, and the completion of a $3.5 million pilot program for Fort Monmouth, NJ.

Since 1985, Lighton Industries Inc. has been at the forefront of the computer age, wiring and installing computer, telecommunication, security and CCTV systems, as well as installing category 5, 6 and fiber optics cabling systems for clients on the county, state and federal levels. Keeping ever mindful of the continuing high technological advances, Lighton Industries has completely computerized its own operations from day-to-day bookkeeping to project estimation. They recently added state-of-the-art software company-wide, enabling them to remain ahead of the times in an ever-changing and challenging world of the future. They bring this foresight to each and every one of their clients computer demands, including design and build systems to our clients needs.