Team Of Excellence
Paul Aliseo, Vice President and Project Executive
Paul has 25 years experience in the field, estimating, job coordinating, buying and bidding. He presently handles jobs ranging from $1 million to $25 million. Paul has supervised projects that extend from the simplest lobby conversion to a total gut and rehabilitation/addition and/or new construction of an entire building. The industry has become very competitive and we pride our dedication in delivering the completed project on time. The reward is seeing the finished project and the appreciation of the owner and knowing that we were a part of the whole process.
Jean Dugasz, Accounting
As bookkeeper for Lighton, Jean Dugasz is responsible for the financial aspects of each project. Working closely with the President, Gerard Aliseo, Jean oversees the accounts payable. I enjoy the day to day meeting of our clients and suppliers on the phone. The process of answering questions and solving problems makes each day at work interesting and challenging.Since Jean has been with Lighton since 1993, it is apparent that Lighton is a company with a solid foundation for employees as well as prospective clients.
Suzanne Musolf, Corporate Secretary
Suzanne's specialties include the supervision of such important company priorities as handling all aspects of payroll, insurance (not only for all of the projects but also the personal insurance for all employees), as well as all matters concerning the Unions. Suzanne has been on Lighton's staff since 1984, beginning her tenure as Office Manager. Suzanne helps run the office in the President's absence. I see a very positive outlook for our industry, she observes, each new project is a challenge we all meet with continually renewed optimism.
Anthony Oliver, Project Manager
has been with Lighton Industries for nearly all of his business career. This 25 year veteran was trained as an electrician, but his education really has been his work with the company. Project Managers are assigned several jobs at the same time, which keeps Tony in the field daily. Although he has had experience on a wide variety of construction projects, he is currently Lighton's work order specialist (Post Office/MTA/GSA). Having worked for just one other company, says Tony, and stayed with Lighton all these years is a sure sign that this is a really great place to work.
Mike Gobbo, Project Manager
has been with Lighton since 2000. Mike works on Lighton's General Construction projects, which range from $1 Million to $14 Million. Mike has over 20 years experience in the construction field, with expertise in commercial, industrial and housing construction. He is one of Lighton's head Project Managers on large General Construction projects and is considered an asset to the company.
Frank Musolf, Project Manager/Superintendent
has been with Lighton Industries since 1985. Frank is an experienced, licensed electrician in charge of projects that have ranged from $1 Million to $13 Million. Frank is knowledgeable in the installation and servicing of all phases of electrical control and power distribution, lighting and telecommunications. Frank is currently Superintendent on a General Construction project (namely, Addition/Renovation to Matawan Avenue Middle School - $14,300,000).
George Duncan, Project Manager
has been with Lighton Industries since 1980. George is an accomplished electrician and has handled projects ranging from $1 Million to $6 Million. George has been the leading Project Manager/Foreman on most of Lighton's high-end electrical projects and his expertise has made him an invaluable asset to the company. George is knowledgeable in the installation and servicing of all phases of electrical control and power distribution, lighting and lighting management, telecommunications as well as mechanical systems control.